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World Vs World Reset [2/8/2013]
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Guild Meeting [2/3/2013]

damasu, Feb 4, 13 12:21 AM.
Guild meeting
Metting was small this afternoon if you missed it you did not miss much
a few promotions here and there
and the start of the next lottery was today! be sure to signup by sending your money to Yblegal and your number!

we made changes to the ranking system by eliminating squire, and turning it into an inactive rank
also started a database/excel sheet of all acount names in guild to help filter the inactives out of the guild a little bit sooner
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The Epsilon Order [TEO] is a collection of people residing in the realm of Anvil Rock, wiping out the evils of Tyria and dominating in world versus world. Originally founded in the realm of Dark Haven, we've been around since the start of Guild Wars 2, and we plan to stick around for quite a bit longer.



TEO is a growing, friendly guild always looking for new active players who will represent us and be social with other guild members. We have our own teamspeak server where we chat and interact with each other, along with have guild meetings in. We accept low levels as well as high levels, and we constantly have members around to help others level, complete a dungeon, etc.

We focus on friendliness, and definitely support each other and help one another whenever help is needed, whether it's getting your gear or just doing map completion.

We focus on world versus world and dungeons for the most part. We have a group in world versus world pretty much every night, and try extra hard to hit the nights when world versus world resets. We have groups getting together to complete dungeons every day as well.

Feel free to browse around the site and contact us if you have any questions.


Voice Chat
we switched to raidcall!
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MesmerAll Apply
Necromancer5 Apply
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Thief20 Apply
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